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QA Standards

Tips related to achieving a desirable outcome reliant on certain Beaver Builder Functionality.
Sift through the different possible scenarios to find tips & tricks on the best way to accomplish your goal.

Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse Audit must be run for all sites

  • Points will be deducted if there is no GLH score, or notes related to GLH in the vendor or build ticket.
  • GLH test should be run for desktop version of the website.
  • The test was run, and the site scored 75 or higher, but notes were incomplete and/do not follow guidelines.
    • Notes must include:
      • All steps taken to improve the GLH score
      • A screenshot of the test results

The test was run and failed, and there were 1 or more of the following issues:

  • No notes were left
  • Notes were incomplete or missing the screenshot of the test results.
  • Notes were inconsistent with the findings of the Optimization Check performed in Tech QA portion of the scorecard (more information below)

Example: these notes were left stating all steps were taking to optimize GLH, but this was not accurate

Example: In this instance, not all images were optimized as shown in Smush

= critical error
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