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DIY Marketing Services for Managed WordPress

Learn about Website Care for DIY Managed WordPress customers and how to work these Website Care projects.

Marketing Services (Website Care) for DIY Customers

What is DIY Marketing Services (Website Care)

Marketing Services is a website update subscription service for our do-it-yourself customers.  Customers can subscribe to the Marketing Services to request updates to their existing websites.

DIY Marketing Services VS DIFY Marketing Services

DIFY Marketing Service tickets have one of the following Plan Types:

  • Standard WordPress
  • Premium WordPress
  • Premium Store (WooCommerce)

DIY Marketing Services for Managed WordPress tickets will have the following Plan Type:

  • Managed WordPress
  • Managed Services (Basic, Standard, Premium)

Steps for DIY Marketing Services Tickets.

Marketing Services Basics for DIY

DIY customer will use themes and plugins that are different than the ones you're used to seeing with WDS.
Here are some basic resources to help you get started:

Quick Links for DIY Care
  • Helpful Links

    Helpful Links include basic information on WordPress and Managed WordPress and includes documentation specific to plugins and updates. 

  • Troubleshooting

    The Troubleshooting section includes links for the common issues and common errors you may see on DIY Managed WordPress update requests.

  • Documentation

    Here you'll find documentation of the most popular themes and page builders currently being used for WordPress sites. 

    Keep in mind when working with DIY websites you may need to do some research in how to make requested changes.

Plan Type: Managed WordPress

  • GD cORe will NOT be installed
  • Will have plugins and themes that are not used for WDS website builds
  • May have out of date or unregistered plugins

Clarification Process

Clarification Process Changes

We are also updating the clarification process for both technical and non technical clarifications.  The process will be the same, technical clarifications are submitted due to technical issues during the ticket process, and non technical clarifications for out of scope or customer outreach requested.

We have added or updated the following clarification types:

  • Theme Research
  • Security
  • 500 Error
  • "Troubleshooting" changed to "Other Troubleshooting"

Builder Cannot Make Changes has been removed.

Technical Clarifications

  • Out of Scope - Can't Do
  • Critical Error - Cannot Access Site
  • Extension Request
  • GLH
  • Theme Research
  • Security
  • 500 Error
  • Other Troubleshooting
  • Internal Tools Needed
  • Password Issue

Non-Technical Clarifications

  • Customer is Requesting Callback
  • Customer Requested Help Outside of WDS Product
  • GoDaddy Requested QA
  • Missing Items
  • Out of Scope-Can't Do
  • Unclear Instructions
  • Workaround - Communicate with Customer
  • Publishing

If a clarification type is selected that does not correspond to the type of clarification being submitted you will see the following error:

In Scope vs Out of Scope

In Scope

  • Add new pages, add or update forms, and update existing content
  • Add, remove, or modify product for websites that already have an existing store
  • Set up and configure Yoast SEO (or similar SEO plugin)
  • Update all activated plugins for the site
  • Remove deactivated plugins
  • Add new features using any of the free WDS approved plugins for functionality
  • Add PayPal links or donation plugin to collect money

Out of Scope

  • Add content that is in violation of GoDaddy ineligible content article: INELIGIBLE BUSINESSES
  • Add form fields that include private information (SSN, credit card numbers, etc.)
  • Add products in violation of GoDaddy ineligible content article (see above)
  • Edit PHP code in the theme or plugins
  • Add features that require significant redesign (rebuild) of a website
  • Install WooCommerce or other eCommerce plugins
  • Modify widget code (PHP or JS) to change it's functionality
  • Add Premium WDS Plugins or Core

Recap for DIY Marketing Services

  • 1

    Look for the Plan Type: Managed WordPress.

  • 2

    Managed WordPress tickets will have different themes and plugins.

  • 3

    You may need to do some research on how to make changes in unfamiliar themes and plugins.

  • 4

    Scope of support, while similar to DIFY, is not limited to the WDS list of approved plugins..

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