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How to Run the SEO tool on W+M

November 11, 2020 | ,

This is a step by step guide on how to run the SEO tool in W+M. This should be done after the website has been completed.

Step 1: Open the Tool

In the W+M Dashboard you will hover over the Marketing tab at the top and click on SEO, once the page loads click on the Start button.

Step 2: Enter Business Information

Choose whether the business is a storefront or has a service area, or choose the online only option for sites that do not have a physical location to adhere to.

If you choose the option for a storefront or service area, you will need to enter the location on the next screen.

Step 3: Optimize the Homepage


Enter the Primary and secondary keywords for the displayed page.

  • Primary keywords should be broad descriptions of the business, such as Bakery or Mechanic.
  • The secondary keywords should be more specific terms, like cupcakes or cars.

Related Keywords

In the next section you will be given some auto generated keywords that are related to the words you put in on the previous page. Choose any additional relevant keywords provided, or if the two you typed in originally were the best fit continue on to the next section.

Insert Keywords Into Site Content

Choose the more important keyword for this section.

Page Title for Search Results

This is what will display above the link on search results. Typically the first option is the better of the choices, but you may choose whichever makes the most sense for the business.

Page Description

This is the short text that appears after the title and link on search results. It should be a brief explanation of the business AND include the keywords that show at the bottom right of the box. You can click on the keywords to auto input them into the text as you type.

Edit the Headline

The headline on the home page should include the main keyword listed below the Headline input box. If it already contains the keyword you can continue on. If you need to adjust the headline you may do so at this time by editing the text in the field.

Add Keywords to the Content

For each block shown with “0 phrases added”, you should attempt to add in any and all keywords as much as possible. Simply click on the grey block for each section to edit the existing text. If it does not make sense to add in the keywords to a certain block, you may skip that block.


Do a final check for he work that you have done so far and make any edits that are needed. If everything looks fine, click the done button.

Don’t forget to click the Publish My Website button on the next section.

Step 4: Optimize Other Pages

After you have completed the home page optimization you should be prompted to “Optimize Another Page”. Go ahead and click this button.

The next page will show you a list of all the pages on your site. Go through all the sections from Step 3 for each page.

A checkmark will appear next to each page as you complete them.

Video Walk Through

Take a look at this video walkthrough for a visual tutorial.

How to Fix SEO Audit Errors

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