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Added to MS nav menu and anchored to DIY/DIFY – 18459

  • Added to the main nav under Marketing Services for DIY & DIFY
  • Anchored each section on the page to correspond to DIY/DIFY
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Added disclaimer – 17898

Please Note: This method was chosen because it has been proven beneficial from a performance perspective, works on both WordPress and W+M, and does not require the customer to obtain Google Maps API keys.
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Changelog June 2020

06/04/2020New code snippet: Change number of products displayed per page.View
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Changelog May 2020

05/01/2020Added documentation: Care Best PracticesView
05/06/2020Created documentation and launched updated plugin: GD cORe v3.0 (in place of PWS Core)View
05/10/2020Added: How to add a COVID-19 Community Support Layout to a WordPress SiteView
05/11/2020New one-offs plugin: Admin ColumnsView
05/13/2020New code snippet: Add a surcharge to cart and checkout – uses fees APIView
05/18/2020New one-offs plugin: Post Types OrderView
05/19/2020Added “Troubleshooting” link to menu for easy access View
05/20/2020New one-offs plugin: YITH WooCommerce Gift CardsView
05/21/2020Added documentation: Restricted StoresView
05/23/2020Updated information on page: Links & ResourcesView
05/26/2020Created documentation and started compiling layouts for easy PODs implementation Pods Layouts
05/28/2020Updated information on page: SEO Best PracticesView
05/29/2020New post items and documentation added to: TroubleshootingWebsites + Marketing, Weekly FAQs, WordPressAll Posts

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Changelog April 2020

04/21/2020Added documentation: How to add a COVID-19 Response Layout to a WordPress Site View
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Changelog March 2020

03/03/2020Added documentation: Network FlowchartView
03/05/2020Added documentation: New Build WorkflowView
03/05/2020Added documentation: Pods Setup WorkflowView
03/05/2020Added new answers to Weekly FAQs for builder referenceWeekly FAQs
03/18/2020Added documentation: How to add a COVID Announcement Banner to a WordPress Site (V3, V2 & Genesis)View
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Changelog Feb 2020

02/03/2020Added Elite Gravity Forms Add-ons to One-Offs Gravity Add-ons
02/10/2020Completed full V3 conversion guide from both V1 Genesis and V2 Storefront Convert V3
02/20/2020Updated QA Requirements View
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Changelog Jan 2020

01/07/2020Added Search & Filter Free Version to One-Off PluginsSearch & Filter
01/27/2020Created Reference Sheet for V2-V3 Conversions V2 to V3 Flow
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Changelog Dec 2019

12/12/2019Added Archive for One-off pluginsOne-Offs
12/12/2019Added Basic and Pro Gravity Forms Add-ons to One-OffsGravity Add-ons
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Changelog Nov 2019

11/20/2019Created if-else reference sheet for Homepage Layout & DesignPage Layout Flow
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Changelog Oct 2019

10/25/2019Created Documentation on how to add php snippetsSnippet Placement
10/25/2019Added all approved WooCommerce Code SnippetsCode Snippets
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Changelog Sept 2019

09/25/2019Added information on Posts VS PagesPosts VS Pages
09/25/2019 Added documentation – Pods IntroIntro to Pods
09/25/2019Added documentation – How Pods works with Beaver ThemerPods & Themer
09/25/2019Added documentation – How to use Pods How to Use
09/19/2019Added Documentation for Lighthouse in PWS CoreSite Audit

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