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What are clarifications?

Clarifications are subtasks on tickets that are submitted because a builder needed additional information, assistance with set up, or have encountered an error.

Clarification Type and Detail Options

Each Clarification Type has its own set of detail options.

Content or Review

This option should be used in the event that the tasks in the ticket don't make sense, the required content was not provided or does not work, or GoDaddy Reps need to be involved before the ticket is completed. 

Below you will find each option and what it should be used for. 

If the customer put a note in their ticket asking for a GoDaddy rep to reach out to them, make sure all tasks that can be completed have been completed, then choose this option. 

If any task requests help or updates for a non WDS product, choose this option. 


  • Email account set up or configuration
  • Sucuri firewall help
  • Domain issues outside of publishing
  • Updates to a site not assigned to the ticket 


  • For DIFY customers you may use this option for 3rd party plugins being requested.
  • For DIY, you would use Configuration Help under the Technical/Backend SetUp Issue type.

Use this option if the GoDaddy rep requested to QA the site prior to completion, or if the GoDaddy Requested QA field is Yes.

If the task references images, videos, or any other items that are not inherently part of the site builder, or if the provided items are broken or do not work, select this option.


  • Images are not in the customer media library, attached to the ticket, or in the WordPress media library
  • Video files are too large to be uploaded to the site (A note should be included about using YouTube or Vimeo instead)
  • YouTube or Vimeo videos give an error
  • iFrames or embed codes do not show desired outcome (Test using the html code editor first)

If you receive a request to set up Shipping, Payments, or Taxes. Please use this clarification type.

If the request is to install and activate one of our approved plugins, please do this prior to submitting a clarification.

If the task was to publish the site to the live domain, please choose this option. 


  • Temp domain to
  • W+M Temp domain to

Choose this if the task reports an error, but you are unable to re-create the error.


  • Task states that images are not loading on a certain page but you are able to see the images both logged in and out.

Use this option if you need more information about a requested task. 


  • Task was to move content around on the page, but no direction was given about how the content should be arranged.
  • Details were provided about a complex membership set up but the end goal is not clear.

Use this option if the task requested was not doable in the way it was asked, but there was another option to get the desired end result. 


  • Task asked to have 20 pop ups on a page for their team bios, but we used posts or pods to accomplish the task. 

Access Issues and SLA Extensions

This option will be for tickets that you cannot access the site editor or media library, the site is showing an error, or an SLA extension is needed.

Below you will find each option and what it should be used for. 

This option should be chosen any time the entire site is down showing an error. 


  • Both log in page and the front of site are showing a critical error.


This should not be used if the Password, lightning access, or firewall are preventing access to the site editor. Please use the Password Issue/Edit URL Not Working or Security or Firewall option instead.

Do not submit a clarification if there is a Known Issue in place that is causing the error.

Use this option if you cannot access the Customer Media Library in the ticket or if the library shows an error.

Use this option to request additional time to complete the tasks in a ticket. 

This option should be used if the site editor login is not working.


  • WordPress temp username and password result in an error
  • W+M lightning access results in an error

Use this option if you are attempting to log in to the site editor but receive the error that the GoDaddy Security Firewall has blocked your access, or if the site has a security threat. 


Technical/Backend SetUp Issue

Use this option when you need help with configuring functionality, site builder issues, or improving site speed.

Below you will find each option and what it should be used for. 

Use this option if you need help configuring any kind of site functionality. 


  • Complex membership set up
  • Pods help


Make sure you are looking through our existing documentation on functionality setup before submitting this type of clarification. Please use the following first:

If your changes have been completed within the builder but are not reflecting on the front of site, you would choose this option. 

Please make sure you have gone through the caching steps prior to submitting a clarification. 

Use this option if your site displays without CSS styling and you have already gone through the troubleshooting steps outlined here: 


If you have been given an embed code or other snippet that is not functioning properly or causing errors on the site. 

Use this option if you are unable to open, edit, or save inside of Beaver Builder or the W+M editor or if the dashboard is showing an error that is preventing making changes to the site. 

Use this option if you have already completed all of the troubleshooting steps for Gravity Forms outlined here:


If there are errors with the WooCommerce emails not outlined in this guide:

Use this option if the request cannot be completed after all options have been exhausted. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Checking the Features site for available functionality
  • Checking the specific plugin documentation
  • Checking Styleguide for any guides related to the request
  • Verifying with peers or management

Use this option to have the Internal team update the sites' PHP if this was requested in a ticket, or if there is a warning message in the dashboard. 

Use this option if you run in to any issues with updating, editing, or removing plugins or themes. 

Follow this guide on How to Update Plugins. If you run into issues that cannot be solved from the WP Dashboard, please open a clarification using this option. 

If you are having issues with displaying content at a certain media breakpoint or if there is an error at a specific responsive size, use this option with as much detail as possible, including the px size the issue is occurring on.

Use this option if you are unable to get a Google Lighthouse Score of at least 75 and have gone through ALL the site optimization steps outlined here:

Use this option if you run in to timeouts while trying to open or edit a page, or if the page takes longer than 3 minutes to load. Please make sure you have gone through all the steps outlined in the articles below:

Submitting clarifications

Here are the steps when submitting a ticket for clarification.

  1. Make sure all troubleshooting has been completed and all options have been explored (Check out the Vendor Hub for details on troubleshooting steps). If troubleshooting has not been done prior to submission, the ticket will be sent back to complete troubleshooting.
  2. On your ticket, move the status to "Clarification Needed"
  3. Enter the time spent on Troubleshooting, this is just the troubleshooting time, not the total time.
  4. Enter all the troubleshooting steps you have taken to try to complete the request.
  5. Choose the appropriate category under the Clarification Type drop down (More information below).
  6. Choose the most appropriate option for the Clarification Detail drop down (More information below).
  7. Enter in the specifics of your clarification in the Clarification Information field, including the task you are attempting to solve.
  8. If you have any screen shots, videos, or any other attachments to reference, upload them in the attachments field.
  9. Click the Submit button.

Note: Make sure that all work that can be done has been done prior to submitting a clarification.

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