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Sections - The Basics [ 1 ]

Sections - The Basics [ 1 ]

Go over the page sections available for GoCentral Online Store. Page sections and features are not influenced by theme choice. They remain the same and can be added to all themes without any visible differences. Maximum 20 sections per page limit.

Default Includes

Site Pages

You have the choice of creating a single-page or multiple-page website.

  • 10 sections limit on single-page sites
  • 20 sections limit on multiple-page sites
  • 50 page max - platform limit


As you build out your site, you may need to change the order of the pages in your website's navigation bar. If you change your mind later on, you can quickly reorder them again from the "Pages & Navigation' settings.

  • You can select which page links display in footer nav vs header nav from the respective page settings
  • Creating drop-down menus for your website's navigation bar offers a great way to group pages

Note: When working with sub-navs, the drop-down menu parent must be a dead link. There is no way to add sub-nav items under a drop-down where the parent is a link or a page of its own.

Site Footer

There are three layout options for the site footer. You cannot add images to the footer or any additional content. 

  • Footer's editable components: copyright text, footer note, option to enable/disable social accounts, and option to show/hide site navigation links
  • Layout 1 stacks components, layouts 2 & 3 display components inline, and layout 4 provides a compact layout with the option to display phone number

Page Content


GC/GCOLS comes with four sections already installed: Header, About Us, Contact Us, and Footer (+ Subscribe for OLS/eCommerce plan). Add new sections, customize them by renaming them, changing or removing the boilerplate text, and deleting or replacing the photos.

About Layouts

Layouts suitable for an about page or an about section on a homepage. Good balance of images and text to grab interest and relay information about the business.

  • 5 about section layout options
  • 3 groups per section maximum
  • Each group can have: photo, title, text, CTA

Site Content "Text" Layouts

Content sections with an emphasis on lists, call-outs, testimonials or descriptive and informational text.

  • 5 content section "text" layout options
  • 6 groups per "text" section maximum
  • Each "text" section group can have: photo, title, text, CTA

Site Content "CTA" Layouts

Content sections blocked out to emphasize a call-to-action. These sections are good for hero areas on internal pages or for dividers between rows on a page.

  • 2 content section "CTA" layout options
  • Layout 4 "CTA" has: solid color background, title, description, action button
  • Layout 5 "CTA" has: image background, title, action button

Privacy Policy

There is a content section for privacy policies in case we were asked to insert one. This section includes only a heading and large text box.

Contact & Leads

Contact Layouts

Choose from the different ways to lay out contact information on a page.

  • Contact sections have business name, contact info and adress
  • If you place a location in the address bar, a map will appear in the contact section
  • You can choose to enable or disable business hours

Contact Forms

By default, Show Contact Form is on (green) in all contact layouts. Click the enable/disable button to display/hide the form.

  • Contact forms have fields for: title, "send to" email and custom thank you message text
  • Form has option to enable/disable opt-in for email list with custom message text box
  • 14 maximum form fields limit - option to enable/disable required field
  • Only 2 options for form fields input type - single or multi line text - no other field types are possible

Subscribe Forms

PWS will create the first one upon site completion. You may see an email list provided by customer in .CSV format or as an excel .XLSX document to upload to the customer's subscriber list.

  • 2 subscribe form layout options - stacked and inline
  • Stacked layout has the option for solid color background or a row background image
  • Subscribe forms have: headline, description, custom thank you message, option to edit email field placeholder text and option to edit button label
  • Each form has option to enable/disable a new signups promotion with a percentage off coupon applied to the total amount - no other coupon options are possible

Social Media Icons

Depending on the theme, there are a few different ways to style the social icons row. 

  • Only 8 default fields - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+
  • You can choose to enable/disable them in footer on all themes
  • You can choose to enable/disable them in header on only two themes

Connect Facebook

Sync your website with your business's Facebook Page to update information quickly and monitor Page performance. We don't set this up for a customer, but after their site is live, they can click the "Connect with Facebook" button in the GoCentral dashboard.

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