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QA Standards

Tips related to achieving a desirable outcome reliant on certain Beaver Builder Functionality.
Sift through the different possible scenarios to find tips & tricks on the best way to accomplish your goal.

Hero Section

  • CTA text is not engaging or does not reflect the personality of the business or organization
  • CTA text is not adequately describing the CTA destination or function of button
  • CTA does not lead the viewer to a page on the site that best accomplishes the goals of the business or organization

For the CTA to be effective, we must consider

  • For destination (link): What is the main goal of the website?
  • For wording (CTA text): What is the personality of the business?
  • Essentially, what page or functionality on the website best accomplishes the business’s goals, and how do we effectively lead the viewer there?
  • Hero text is too large, too small, or doesn’t stand out
  • Hero font features inappropriate styling like text shadows or fonts that are difficult to read
  • Incorrect or inappropriate words emphasized
  • Text has been placed over an image with a busy background causing readability issues
  • Hero text is long and/or could be simplified to remove repetition, redundancy, or unnecessary information
    • Example:
      • If a business has a long list of services, pick an overarching description of the services or the main services (do not list all services in the hero section)
  • Hero text does not adequately describe key features or functions of the business/organization
  • Logo and/or text from the logo (tagline, business name, etc.) was added to the hero section without justification
  • Hero text, customer-provided content, or CTA missing when it was requested in the DCT or used in a reference site
  • Request in DCT or reference site not utilized appropriately
    • Example:
      • The customer provided a reference site with a specific hero layout, such as a full-width image with centered text, but we created something different without justification.
  • Hero elements are not visible above the fold
  • Ineffective layout for selected hero image
    • Examples:
      • Image focal point is not fully visible
      • A different composition (rule of thirds, 1/2, no text/CTA) should have been used
  • The hero image is cropped (either in photoshop or by the module), and the focal point of the original file is not fully visible
  • Hero elements do not fit well within the negative space
= critical error
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