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QA Standards

Tips related to achieving a desirable outcome reliant on certain Beaver Builder Functionality.
Sift through the different possible scenarios to find tips & tricks on the best way to accomplish your goal.

Buttons and Links – Placement

  • CTA is not relative to the preceding text, or has an awkward/asymmetric placement 
  • CTA placement does not coincide with DCT instructions
  • If there is ever an instance where we have duplicate CTAs, they must hyperlink to the same destination, unless specifically stated otherwise on intake.
    • EX: If Header and footer navigation have CTAs titled “Learn More” it is expected they both link to the same page/destination, unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Preceding copy references CTA, but no CTA is added, or CTA is warranted but not added.
  • Relative text, and following CTA must coincide.
    • EX: If a paragraph is clearly containing the business or scheduling an appointment, it should be followed by a CTA that links to Contact/Booking page, not an about/home page, unless specifically requested.

Example: In this instance, the CTA button was not related to the text above it.

= critical error
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