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QA Standards

Tips related to achieving a desirable outcome reliant on certain Beaver Builder Functionality.
Sift through the different possible scenarios to find tips & tricks on the best way to accomplish your goal.

Gravity Forms

  • Anti-spam Honeypot is toggled on in the Form Options settings
  • If reCAPTCHA is enabled, Honeypot does not need to be enabled
  • Subject line in Form Notification settings should be unique to the website
  • It should follow the following template unless specified otherwise in the DCT: {Name:1} Sent you a Message from [Site Name] [Form Name]
    • Example: “Kassi Sent you a Message from My Cool Website Contact Form”
  • It should contain a merge tag of some sort to ensure the Subject Line is unique for each entry.
  • From email in Form Notification settings should be set to the domain provided in “Domain name for new website” field in the DCT
    • If no domain is provided in DCT, this can be left to default settings
    • If customer specifically requests a different email, the requested email can be used instead
  • Example: Should be adjusted to something like Should not be “{admin_email}”
  • Subject line in Form Notification settings is unique, but has wording that is awkward, unclear, or not related to the subject matter of the form
  • Subject line follows standard spelling and grammar guidelines
= critical error
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