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QA Standards

Tips related to achieving a desirable outcome reliant on certain Beaver Builder Functionality.
Sift through the different possible scenarios to find tips & tricks on the best way to accomplish your goal.

Business Contact Info

This is where we check the basic business information to ensure the pertinent details and motives for the website have been established and adhered to.

  • The contact info and business name should always appear as they do in the DCT.
    • If there is a conflict in the DCT, review any previous version of the website, logo, page content, or additional branding materials for correct information.

In this instance, the business name displaying on the website is different than what was provided in the DCT.

  • The business name on the site needs to match the business name provided in the DCT.
  • Business name should be spelled consistently throughout the site
    • If there are conflicting versions of the business name in the DCT, please review:
      • Existing branding, such as
        • Logo
        • Existing site
        • Social media
      • Customer-provided page content
      • The Basics tab

Important notes:

  • In most cases the logo will feature the correct business name and should be considered the most accurate source.
  • If a logo is not provided, please refer to external resources such as the customers current site or social media.
  • If a current site or social media is not provided, refer to the spelling most frequently used in the DCT.
  • The Basics Tab should be used as the last option for confirmation before all other options have been reviewed.


  • Addresses should be formatted as follows:
    • 123 Street
      Suite #, Unit #, PO Box, etc
      City, State/Province Zip
    • If full address is not provided, City and State can be used.
  • All addresses (except PO boxes) should hyperlink to the Google Maps location in a new tab

Phone Number

  • US and Canada phone numbers should be formatted as (###) ###-####
  • Australian Phone numbers should be formatted as (##) #### ####
  • All phone numbers should include a tel: hyperlink
    • If a fax number is included, no hyperlink is needed

Email Address

  • Email should address always be formatted as
  • They should all have a mailto: hyperlink
  • Footer – Hours of operation should appear in the following format:
    • Day – Day: H:MM AM – H:MM PM
      • Example:
        Mon – Sat: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Contact page – Hours of operation should appear in the following format:
    • Day – Day: H:MM AM – H:MM PM
    • Day: Closed
      • Example:
        Mon – Sat: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
        Sunday: Closed
  • Only exception is if different format is specifically requested in the DCT
  • Any map on the site should hyperlink to the correct address within Google Maps
    • If the business is listed within Google Maps it should be directly linked to the businesses location and not the street address

Example: In this instance the map was linked to the address but not the direct business

= critical error
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