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QA Standards

Tips related to achieving a desirable outcome reliant on certain Beaver Builder Functionality.
Sift through the different possible scenarios to find tips & tricks on the best way to accomplish your goal.


  • Provided images were high quality, but appear blurry on the website
  • High quality stock images are appearing blurry on the website
  • Poor quality images were sized too big and now appear blurry
  • The image details are not seen very well because of the overlay used
  • The text cannot be seen/read because of insufficient overlay
  • There is a gallery present with full-sized images, but were unable to be clicked to be enlarged
    • If image files are low quality or too small, images do not need to be clicked to enlarge
  • Images in a lightbox should display larger than the original. Points will be deducted when they are smaller or the same size as the thumbnail.
  • The images and icons chosen should be relevant to the content of the headings or text they correspond with.

Example: In this instance, weight loss images were chosen for text discussing Botox and Cosmetic injectables. These are not relevant to the subject matter.

  • If you add images as captions below an image, they should be directly related to the image.

Example: This layout would have been acceptable if the 3 images were related to the text below them, but they were not.

  • The images and icons used on the site should correspond to the theme of the customer’s business or industry
  • Icons or images should be chosen to correspond well with the content. When there are more relevant icons/images provided that could have been used, but were not, points will be deduced.
    • Example: In this instance, the icons chosen would be better suited if they were swapped. The shopping cart correlates much better with the theme of “retail”
  • AI or other editing tools were used to try to improve image quality and either made the image worse or did not improve quality
  • Image combination or pairing looks bad or has poor composition
  • The placement of images implies an incorrect tone or meaning
  • Images were edited or manipulated poorly or in a way that did not improve the site/design

Example: In the image below it appears that the placement of the smaller image implies that it is targeting or shooting towards the subject in the other image.

Example: In the following image, the large photo was poorly cropped in the circle causing an awkward white space at the top, and the 3 smaller images blend into the larger image making the overall composition very confusing to look at.

= critical error
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