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How to fix “not a valid JSON response” errors

Sometimes when trying to save changes to a WordPress site (usually a post or a page) you may encounter an error that reads “Updating failed….

Google Console Error Message

If you get any of the following Google Console error messages “Text is too small on mobile” “Content wider that screen on mobile” “Clickable items…

Critical Vulnerability Detected in WooCommerce

There was a security issue discovered in WooCommerce recently, they’ve already patched it so updating to the most recent version (v5.5.1) should resolve the issue….

PODs giving an error

If you come across the following error when trying to add a new POD set up, please check to see if the plugin Gravity PDF…

Internal Only

Troubleshooting Critical Errors

What causes critical errors? In most cases critical errors are a result of a failed plugin update. This will result in the site becoming inaccessible and…

How to Fix Broken Property Slideshows in Optima Express

If you come across a site where the slideshow in the listing used by Optima Express is broken and only shows the first 2 images,…

Troubleshooting Critical Errors on a Single Page

If you run into a critical error on a single page, please make sure you are doing the following before submitting a Technical Clarification. Step…

Troubleshooting Slow Builds

Let’s discuss the troubleshooting path for when you encounter a build that is slow to load, edit, or save. Step 1. Connect Via VPN Connect…

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