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How to Fix Broken Property Slideshows in Optima Express

November 16, 2020 | ,

If you come across a site where the slideshow in the listing used by Optima Express is broken and only shows the first 2 images, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Verify correct version of Bootstrap is being used

Go to the Customizer > General > Layout. Make sure you have “Minimal Bootstrap 3” selected for the CSS Framework.

If this was not set to Minimal Bootstrap 3, change it publish and recheck the page before moving on.

Step 2: Add CSS and Script to Plugin

Go to WP Dash > Optima Express > Configuration > CSS Override and replace what is there with the following:

<style type="text/css">
#ihf-main-container .carousel-control {
   height: auto;
   background: none;
   border: none;
#ihf-main-container .carousel-caption {
    background: none;
#ihf-main-container .modal {
    width: auto;
    margin-left: 0;
    background-color: transparent;
    border: 0;
.ihf-results-links > a:nth-child(1) {
    display: none;
(function () {
    "use strict";

Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

Step 3: Flush the cache

Clear the site cache under GD cORe and check the page in an incognito or private window. The issue should now be resolved. If the issue has not resolved, please submit a Technical Clarification following the steps outlined on the Vendor Hub.

For more detailed information on this fix, visit:

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