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Troubleshooting Critical Errors on a Single Page

If you run into a critical error on a single page, please make sure you are doing the following before submitting a Technical Clarification.

Step 1. Increase PHP Memory

Adding a .user.ini file to increase the PHP memory limit often helps with site speed and upload issues. Please follow the steps outlined in this article to increase the limit:

Note: Be sure you are removing the plugin after the upload is complete.

Step 2. Flush the Cache

You can flush GD cORe cache in a couple places in the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Hover over the “GD cORe” menu item in the top black admin bar, and click the “Clear Site Cache” option.
  2. Click GD cORe in the left menu bar. Next to “Flush All Cache (hummingbird, mwp and beaver builder)” Click the blue “Flush” link.

Note: Give this a moment to process. your screen should refresh when it is complete.

Step 3. Submit a Technical Clarification

Make sure you are only submitting a Technical Clarification AFTER all the previous steps have been completed. Be sure to include the following items in your Technical Clarification:

  • A detailed explanation of the issue (slow builder is not enough)
  • The steps taken to resolve the issue
  • A complete traceroute
  • A Speed test that is run to “Ashburn, VA” via
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