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The plugins in this category are available to WooCommerce plan types only. Grow your store by adding functionality with extensions. WooCommerce has many extensions that add functionality to its basic store platform. A select amount of these extensions have been approved by PWS for use on WooCommerce builds for our customers. The approved extensions are all included in GD Core, and based on the requested functionality, these extensions can be installed / activated /updated via the Core interface.

Gravity Forms Product Add-ons

Use this plugin if a product has options that require conditional logic
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Woo Royal Mail Shipping Calculator

Use WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Calculator as the default shipping method for Woo sites based ONLY in the UK.
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USPS Shipping

Use USPS Shipping to show your customers accurate shipping rates automatically with our integration for USPS, the largest delivery network in the United States.
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Abandoned Cart

The Abandoned Cart plugin enables you to create automatic & well-timed email reminders to be sent to your customers who have added your products to their cart, but did not complete the order. 
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Dynamic Pricing

Use Dynamic Pricing to define pricing rules based on products, order totals, roles, and product categories.
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Catalog Visibility Options

Use Catalog Visibility Options to convert a WooCommerce site from an e-commerce store into an online catalog by taking away e-commerce functionality such as add-to-cart buttons, the cart, and the checkout process.
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Product Add-Ons

Use WooCommerce Product Add-Ons when a customer needs the ability to tweak an existing good by adding options/add-ons to it that won't affect its inventory.
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Checkout Field Editor

Use WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor for instances where a site owner needs to capture additional checkout information.
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Variation Swatches

Use Variation Swatches and Photos to replace dropdown fields on your variable products with WooCommerce Color and Image Swatches
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Woo Wishlists (TI)

Add an "add to wishlist" button to singular product pages (archive pages with an extra step)
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Event Tickets Plus

Use The Events Tickets Plus plugin when a customer would like a calendar displayed on their site with a directory of all events added as well as the ability to allow registration & purchase for their events on the post.
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Woo Subscriptions

Use WooCommerce Subscriptions to enable reoccurring product payments for customers or members.
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Woo Memberships

Use WooCommerce Memberships when customers want the option to sell their membership plan.
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Accommodation Bookings

Use this add-on to Woo Bookings to include duration (check-in/checkout time) as part of the bookable slot.
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Woo Bookings

Use WooCommerce Bookings if the customer wishes to sell a slot as a product - perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, services or very simple rentals.
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