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SLA Extensions

This guide will help you to determine if your SLA request is valid and the steps to take to request one.

Valid SLA Reasons

  • High Product Count
    • The request is asking to add a very large number of products where a CSV needs to be formatted in order to import properly. Be sure to use the Product Import Guide for these tasks.
  • High Post Count
    • The request is asking to add a very large number of posts where an XML needs to be formatted in order to import properly. Be sure to use the Blog Import Guide for these tasks.
  • Pulling Content
    • The request is asking to pull a large amount of content from a 3rd party site
  • High Content
    • A single task requests to add a lot of content that is not a blog or product, and cannot be imported.
  • Complex Task
    • A task is requesting complex functionality or set up.
  • Process Delay
    • WDS Process caused a delay.
      • IE. Site had GD Core Issue, but the clarification took multiple days to resolve.
  • Redesign
    • The task is requesting a redesign of the page whether or not it is based on a reference.
  • Add New Pages
    • The task is to add a new page with provided content or pulling content from a source.
  • V2 to V3 or DIFY conversion Back to Current GD Core plugin Suite
    • The task is to convert a site from V2 to V3 or the customer is still on the DIFY platform and moved away from our plugin suite, but still needs support and need to be moved back to the GD Core Plugin Suite.

You must complete the SLA Extension Template and Delivery Date Extension steps below when a ticket is delayed.

Unacceptable Reasons

Your SLA extension will not be approved for the following reasons

  • Received Back from Technical Clarification Late
    • Unless this was a GoDaddy caused issue, like the GD Core error we have seen recently, this request type will not be granted an SLA extension. Tickets should be fully researched and troubleshot prior to opening a technical clarification.
  • Started Ticket Late
    • It is expected that builders begin working on tickets within a reasonable time frame, waiting until the ticket is past due or about to be passed due is not grounds for an SLA extension.
  • Vague Requests
    • If a request is submitted without any details of what is causing the delay then the request will be denied. Builders must provide the breakdown of what tasks are causing the delay and why.
  • High Task Count
    • Tasks should be reviewed individually not as a whole. There maybe be 30 tasks that are all to updates copy on the page, this doesn’t automatically mean it will take longer that SLA.

If any of these items result in a delayed customer due date, you must complete the Delivery Date Extension steps below.

SLA Extension Template:

Use the following template when requesting SLA extensions.

<strong>Reason for Extension (Per Task):</strong> 

<strong>How much more time do you need (Per Task and Total)? </strong> 
<strong>Date of Completion:</strong> 

Single Task Example:

Task: Task 4 In Atarim: Add 500 products using attached spreadsheet
Reason for Delay: Provided spreadsheet must be formatted for correct product import. The spreadsheet has 500 lines of products to adjust.

How much more time do you need? 6 days
Date of Completion: August 10, 2023

Multiple Tasks Example:

Task: Task 1 In Atarim: Update the name of each product to have the SKU in the title
Reason for Delay (Per Task): There are 400 products on the site that need to have the title adjusted.
How much more time do you need (Per Task)? 5 days

Task: Task 3 In Atarim: Create a new blog page with posts from the the attached word doc.
Reason for Delay (Per Task): We need to set up a blog archive page, post singular page, and add post content for the 10 posts provided in the doc.
How much more time do you need (Per Task)? 1 Day

Task: Rev Doc “revisions2.doc”: Sitewide task – Adjust site design to more closely match the reference site
Reason for Delay (Per Task): Reference site has a dark theme and utilizes much more negative space than the current site design. There are 11 pages , a header, a footer and a blog.
How much more time do you need (Per Task)? 4 days

How much more time do you need (Total)? 10 days Total
Date of Completion: August 10, 2023

Delivery Date Extension Process:

If we need to move the delivery due date, you must follow these steps so that we may communicate with the customer.

In your ticket on the right side bar, find the field titled “Expected Delivery Date” and enter the date that you expect the ticket to be completed.

Important: DO NOT ADJUST the “Due Date” or “Customer Due Date” fields. You should ONLY be adjusting the “Expected Delivery Date” field.

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