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Manually Creating Alt Tags

Alt Tag Automation Fail

In some cases when Alt Tag Automation fails, you may need to manually add Alt Tags to images on your website. This can be facilitated with the Media Library Helper Plugin.

For detailed guidance on writing effective Alt Tags, check out the SEO Best Practices article on Style Guide:

By following these steps and using the Media Library Helper Plugin, you will ensure that your images have Alt Tags which increases the accessibility and SEO.

Work Flow

Create Alt Tags: Write Alt Tags inline with SEO Best Practices.

Install the plugin: Install and enable the Media Library Helper Plugin if you have not already done so. This tool will simplify the process of adding Alt Tags to your images.

Access the media library: Go to the website’s WordPress dashboard. Go to “Media” and select “Library”. Here, you will see a list of all the photos you have uploaded.

Add Alt Tags: Use the Media Library Helper Plugin. Refer to Style Guide article SEO Audit – Alt Tag Plugin for in-depth guidance.

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