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What Edits Can be Made to the Checkout Page

June 27, 2023 |

Typically the Checkout page is not something that can be customized because it is pulling from a shortcode. That being said, there are some options that we can do and some things that we should not ever do.

Can Do

  • Update Background Color
  • Update Font Color
  • Update Font Style
  • Add Buttons/Text/Images to the page that are NOT unique to the customer or products
    • Meaning if you add an image of a cat to your checkout page, everyone visiting the checkout will see this regardless of what is in their cart or who is checking out.
  • Remove Coupon Options
  • Add Custom Checkout Fields Via Plugin
  • Include Add On Options Via Plugin
  • Edit the Submit Order button text Via Plugin

Can NOT Do

  • Remove Billing Fields
    • This often prevents payment gateways from processing orders
  • Remove Shipping Fields
    • This will result in shipping calculations not running properly
  • Add Product Images Unique to the Customer’s Cart
  • Rearrange How the Content is Displayed
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