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Websites + Marketing Missing Modules – FIX

This issue is because the vendors are being geolocated in Websites + Marketing to their location based on their IP address.  

Because of this, some features like the Appointments and Services Modules will be missing.  The reason for this is because they are only offered in the US/Canada so we need to make sure that the appropriate region has been selected.  

The region can be changed at the bottom of the home page.  After logging in and before doing anything on the website, visit the home page and scroll down to the very bottom of the website, where they will see what shows in the screenshot below.  

This location will default to the current location of the IP address, so it may read as something such as “India – English”.  This field needs to be set to “United States – English“. 

Once the region has been updated, the Websites + Marketing editor will display a section to add modules like the below screenshot:

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