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Importing Builder Sections

May 30, 2020 | ,


To save time on New builds, we are importing builder sections (Header & Footer) from one site to the others. We have noticed that this saves our build time. Can you possibly share your thoughts on the important aspects that need to be considered while carrying out this import? Anything, we should be cautious about. Please let us know. Thank you.


No import plugins should be used for things like this. The reason is because, a lot of the time, information is missed and another customers’ contact info is published to the wrong site. We have seen this mostly with phone numbers and social media links. The acceptable method is using the built in header and footer templates in core already. These should be used as a base and adjusted as needed. Please see the documentation on the styleguide on setting up the header and footer. There is a video on the page as well to provide a visual example:

You are also encouraged to use discretion on headers and footers. Please make sure you are notating on your tickets about why you decided to change the requested options. This area of the styleguide walks through the best practices for using discretion:

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