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Proper heading structure not followed

Headings are an important element of any website, as they structure content and text in a meaningful and hierarchical way. Thereby they significantly improve the readability of content for visitors of a site. When users visit a web page, they often scan the text on this page using headings to get an idea of the content and relevance of the page.

This works similarly with search engines. The headings of a page help Google get an overview of the page content and subtopics. Thus headings contribute to search engines’ better understanding of complex documents.

In the example below, there is no clear heading structure.

In this case “Practitioner” should have been the h2, and “Dr. Karuna Peravali” should have been the h3, and styled more appropriately. Then the “Education and Training Excellence”, “Rich Clinical Experience and Expertise”, “Treatment Philosophy and Patient-Centric Approach”, and “Awards, Honors, and Professional Memberships” would be h4’s. When it goes back to another Doctor, “Dr. Ted Ling, it would then need to be an h3 again, and flow in the same way the first section did. The below is not user friendly or follow the appropriate heading structure.

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