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Corporate Playful

The Corporate Playful content style infuses fun, whims, and color into more standard Corporate layouts. Maintains a sense of readability and accessibility while still mixing popular design and art trends. 


The Playful content style is friendly, light-hearted design that’s approachable and fun with bright colors and loose, unstructured patterns, marks, and illustrations.  


The Sporty content style has a sense of movement in the layouts; actively bolder in design to draw the eye around the design. Textural elements can be added to bring a sense of ‘grit’.  


The Bold content style creates a striking visual using bold type pairings, high-contrast colors, and strong imagery.  


The Street content style is gritty, grunge, textured, dusty, and Rock n’ Roll. The tone of this brand is gritty with bags of attitude.  

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