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WooCommerce Pagination Troubleshooting

What is the pagination issue?

Pagination is available on several Beaver Builder post modules: Powerpack, UABB, and WooPack. The pagination issues occurs when a Beaver Builder module is used to display posts or products on the page, and the module pagination will not go to the next page of posts or products.

Why does it occur?

There are several theories on why this issue occurs. Usually there is a combination of issues that create the problem. There’s often a conflict between modules. Sometimes the issue is caused by a module setting or the settings in the WordPress Customizer. Below are a list of troubleshooting steps that should work to correct the pagination issue.

How to Avoid?

  • Use only one post/product module per page
  • Set query in modules to “Main” instead of “Custom
  • Set Pagination settings to “Numbers”
  • Adjust the WooCommerce column settings in the Customizer to match the layout.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the modules

Does the page have more than one product or post module? 

  • If the page has multiple modules that are querying posts or products, try removing one of them (remember to save the module first!) and publish the page.
  • Check the Query setttings to make sure they are set to “Main” instead of “Custom”
  • Make sure Pagination settings are set to “Numbers”

Check the Customizer settings

The Content Tab > WooCommerce

Some modules, even if you set the columns in the module to a certain number, get overridden sometimes by the settings in this tab. The only item in this tab to keep an eye on in “number of columns“. The default setting is usually 4.

If you’re experiencing weird column layout issues on a product archive page that has a product grid module set to a different number of columns than 4, it would be a good idea to check this area in the customizer and to change the number of columns to match the number being set in the product grid module. Once that is done, flush the cache, refresh the page, and the layout should correct itself.

Number of Columns – Select how many columns on product category pages? (Choose from 1 to 6)

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