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Smush Pro Requires Login

If you come across the following message for Smush Pro, or if you notice that pro features are not active, please try the following steps.

Do not attempt to perform any type of login.

If there is a lock icon next to the WPMU DEV label in the WordPress dashboard then the plugin token needs to be refreshed.

The WPMU DEV plugin token can be refreshed by going to the WordPress Dashboard > GD cORe > GD cORe > Tools > Refresh WPMUDEV Token.

Once the token has been refreshed you should be able to update the Smush Pro plugin and WP MUDEV plugin outside of GD cORe core (if needed), however, it is always recommended to wait until these versions are available in GD cORe.

Refresh the Token

  1. Go to the GD cORe dashboard
  2. Click the “Refresh” link for Refresh WPMUDEV Token under Tools

If this does not activate pro features, proceed to the next section

Uninstall/Reinstall WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin

  1. Go to the WP Plugins page
  2. Find the WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin, deactivate and delete the plugin.
  3. Go to the GD cORe Plugins page and install the WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin once more.
  4. Flush the cache and check to see if the pro features are now available.

If there steps do not activate the pro features, please submit a Technical Clarification for further troubleshooting.

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