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Deleting WP-Members Removes Settings

Troubleshooting site issues often times requires plugins to be deactivated or deleted. It is important to note that deleting the WP-Members plugin from a site will also permanently delete its settings. Deactivating WP-Members will not remove the plugins settings. WP-Members has a number of customizable settings that can affect how users interact with the site so we want to make sure that these settings remain correctly configured.

If possible try to avoid deleting this plugin, however, there are two workarounds that you can use to install a new version of the plugin while keeping the customers settings:

  1. Deactivate WP-Members > Download a fresh version of the plugin > Overwrite the plugin folder via FTP
  2. Deactivate WP-Members > Rename the “uninstall.php” file to “uninstall.bak” in the plugins main directory via FTP > Delete plugin via WP dash as normal > Install a fresh version of the plugin.
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