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How to Enable VCF files on WordPress Sites

VCF files aka vCards are generally used to share contact details in an easy to transfer file format on a website. This is most common on “Team” pages, especially for attorneys.

In order to allow the .vcf file type to be uploaded to the WordPress Media Library, we will need to use an approved snippet in order to do so.

1. Download Theme Customizations plugin from here

2. Install Plugin

3. From the dashboard, go to Plugins > Plugin Editor

4. On the “Edit Plugins” screen. Click the dropdown called “Select plugin to edit” > choose “Theme Customizations” > click “Select”

5. On the right side, click on the “custom” dropdown and select “functions.php”

6. Copy the Approved Snippet from here and paste it under the comment that says “Add PHP snippets here”

7. Click the “Update File” button on the bottom and that will successfully save the snippet to allow VCF files to be uploaded to the media library.

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