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Recommended Search Modules and What They Do

This post will cover our current available recommended search options, and the basics of what they do.

WordPress Widget – Search

This module is a basic search of the entire site. It will search the title and body of all posts or pages including products. The module does not have styling options, so if any styling is required, please add a class and style with CSS.

This is recommended for non woo sites that want a search feature.

Woo Ajax Search

WordPress Widget

Ajax search offers more customization for searches. Left as is it will only search the title of products on the site. However, you can adjust the settings to include description, short description, and SKU in the search parameters.


The shortcode has the same functionality as the widget. This is what you will see when using our built in templates.


Either of these options are acceptable, and really ends up being your discretion on which you would like to use.

You can also style this form in “AJAX search form settings” under WooCommerce in the WordPress dashboard using the Form and Colors tabs. Review this post for more info about the styling options: Woo Search & Cart

Both the widget and the shortcode are recommended for woo sites that dont have a lot of styling needs.

PowerPack Module – Search Form

This is the most robust of all the search options. It searches the title and body of all posts, pages, and products, allows for multiple layouts, and includes styling options. No CSS necessary! This module also allows for a pop up style search. Check out the documentation here for more info.

This is the recommended module for any site that wants a highly stylized search box.


When a search option is placed on any site, please make sure the search results page displays correctly. If needed, add a new archive themer layout, set the location to “Search Results”, and style the layout accordingly with either a post or grid module set to main query.

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