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PHP version is no longer supported – Error Message

The “PHP version is no longer supported” error message may occur when the PHP version is out of date and must be updated to move forward with the ticket.

How to Troubleshoot

  1. Update GD cORe. Ensure GD cORe is on the latest available version. Older versions of GD cORe may not display necessary update notifications. The most current version of GD cORe can be found in the Vendor Package Builder plugins page.

Note: Disregard the update prompt “There is a new version of GD cORe available. View version x.x.x details or update now” IF the current version of GD cORe already MATCHES the version in the vendor package builder. This is a known issue.

  1. Update core plugins. After updating GD cORe, apply available updates to the core plugins.
  1. Update Beaver Builder theme if applicable. The GD cORe update will also reveal new updates to the beaver builder theme. Apply available updates.
  1. Submit a Non-Technical Clarification or reach out to Prod and ask them to update the PHP version for you before you proceed.
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