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Add/Update/Remove WordPress Users

June 27, 2023 | ,

If you receive a request to make changes to the Users of a WordPress site here are some important notes:

Emails Must be Unique Per User

You cannot have multiple users with the same email address. If your request is to update the admin user’s email but the email belongs to another user, you must first remove that user before you can update the admin users email.

You Must Have at Least One Admin User on the site

Every site MUST have at least one Admin user. For our sites this is typically the pwsadmin. If you get a request that asks to remove the pwsadmin, you must first make sure there is another admin user on the site.

Content Attribution Should Always Happen When Deleting a User

When you delete a user you will be prompted with this “What should be done with posts and links owned by this user?” and two options:

  • Delete all posts and links
  • Attribute all posts and links to

If you choose Delete all posts, everything that user created will be deleted. Instead you should always choose “Attribute all posts and links to” and choose another user from the dropdown. This ensures that any content that was created by the user you are deleting does not also get deleted.

Helpful Links

Check out these links for more information on the Users menu in WordPress

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