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We have a concern regarding 3rd party plugins!


We have a concern regarding 3rd party plugins. We had an encounter where we were asked to remodel or rework the layout of the 3rd plugin used by the customer. However, this is, as we mentioned, a 3rd Party Plugin. This plugin is automatically out of our scope and the plugin is not in the approved plugin list. Also, the customer’s request is also out of scope but still we searched a way on how to accommodate client request.

How should we handle this when have already clarified this as technical? They replied to us to send this back as non-technical, however, we are requested to break the plugins layout or default function on how it should display based on their request. We did try to do what the request was. Unfortunately, the function conflicts on how the customer wants it to appear.


The standard process regarding 3rd party plugins is that they are not supported and we do not troubleshoot or work on them. In order to not delay the project we want to make sure we are completing all relevant tasks then let the Website Specialists address the issues regarding 3rd party plugins with the customer.

If you have a care ticket you would complete all task then send a non-technical clarification regarding the 3rd party plugin for the Website Specialist to address with the customer. If you have a new build or revision you would complete all tasks then notate what we are not able to do regarding 3rd party plugins and the Website Specialist can address further with the customer.

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