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There’s Finally a Posts Category Module – But does it suck?

Finally! We have a category module that applies to posts! I updated PowerPack to 2.7.6 then tested this module on our beta site and here’s what I found: There’s 1 really cool thing that stems from this module, and 1 sort of “meh” thing about it. Click here to see the module on the PowerPack site.

The really cool thing:

  • If you go to admin dashboard > settings > PowerPack
  • Then click on the “extensions” tab in PowerPack settings
  • Under row and column extensions a new section will be visibile called “Taxonomy Thumbnail
  • Enable it on “categories” and save

Now, if you go to a posts category, you’ll notice the option to upload a featured image to the category!

Overall, the category grid is really cool, it lets you choose your post type “posts” and the taxonomy for that post type that you wish to display “categories.” It will work with any custom post type/custom taxonomy – posts, products, listings, pods posts, etc.

So here’s the sort of “meh” thing:

I decided to see if the module would work with “main query” though.  I wanted to see if I placed it in a themer layout for a category archive containing subcategories, if it would only show me the subcategories of that parent category.

It doesn’t.

  • To test, I placed categories containing posts under the parent category “Lifestyle.”
  • Then created a themer layout for the Posts Category ArchiveLifestyle.”
  • I grabbed the Category Grid module and placed it in the layout

The module gives you the option to choose which categories to display OR which ones to exclude, but if you leave that field blank, it shows all categories instead of only the related subcategories. 

Other than that, the module functions like a regular posts module, with the option to choose between grid or carousel, the option to display post count, and lots of styling options – columns, spacing, box height, etc.

So, yeah… it’s a cool module and its WAY overdue. However, I wouldn’t recommend using it on a themer layout -unless its used in addition to something else on the themer layout that’s set to main query- otherwise there isn’t really a point. Its great to use on pages where you can tell it which categories to show.

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