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The new GoDaddy Asset Management Tool – DAM 2.0

November 17, 2022 |

Goodbye GDDAM welcome DAM 2.0, GoDaddy’s new Data Asset Management tool! The Builder II/III hub link has been updated or you can directly access it here:

If you had access to the old GDDAM platform your access to DAM will carry over. Otherwise, if you need to request access you can go to

Here’s a highlight of the new features of DAM 2.0:

  • There’s a support chat in the bottom left if you have issues.
  • The photography collections section is dynamic so it will change based on current events or hot topics.
  • Clicking on any of the tiles will bring you to assets where you can adjust filters.
  • Clicking on any asset in the filter will bring up the details/verticals and related assets.
  • The Search bar at the top will also bring up assets.
  • Search terms are manually added and AI generated.
  • AI tagging is still evolving, if you see any inappropriate tags reach out so they can be edited.
  • Advanced search allows for a more specific search.
  • Typing in the search bar after you have filtered keeps the filters active. You must click clear filters to start a fresh search.
  • The market filter is not where it was created but where it can be used.
  • You can select multiple assets and share them with collections and other users.
  • The Brand Style Guide is still a 3rd party site that requires login.

*Please keep in mind that DAM 2.0 is for internal use only and should not be used for WDS site builds.

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