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How to create a Summer Social Post

Download Files

  1. Download and unzip the Summer Social Post files here

Add Fonts

  1. Click the Windows Icon on bottom left corner of screen
  2. Type in the word “Font”
  3. Click on “Font Settings” from the search menu (see below)
  1. Locate the font file “Gotham-UltraItalic.otf” and drag to the settings menu under Add Fonts (see below)

Edit & Save Photoshop Post file

  1. Open the file that matches the Social Post style that was selected below

Template 1


Template 2

  1. Open the layers panel (click F7 if not open)
  2. Click the visibility eye icon next to the layer that matches the image selected for the Social Post
  1. Go to the file menu and and go to Export > Save For Web (shortcut: ctrl+shift+alt+s) and save as a jpeg
  2. After social post is saved as jpeg, upload to brand book link in Jira ticket
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