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How to complete COVID update requests

Estimated Completion: 30 Minutes

If you receive a request to update the exiting COVID information on a website, please check in the following site locations if not specifically notated.


Often times the sites COVID information will be placed in an announcement banner in the header or a short blurb in the footer. You will be able to tell it is in the Header/Footer if the information appears on every page.

To edit the information, make sure you are editing the themer layout and not the page itself.

Contact/Shop Page

Another common place for COVID information is on the contact or shop pages. The contact page information can be edited on the page itself. The shop page will most likely be an archive themer layout.

Cannot Find Existing COVID Content?

If there are no specific instructions about where he content is and you were unable to find it in the above mentioned areas, please set up a new announcement banner in the header styling it to fit the existing style of the website.

For more information on how to set up an announcement banner, please visit this link.

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