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Contact Page Automation Runbook

September 6, 2023 | ,

What is new: 

We will be launching new contact page automation that will automatically create a contact page for new build websites moving forward.  

The contact page will include the contact information from design consultation (Modgi/Vendor Dashboard) and a simple contact form. 

What is changing: 

With the new automation a simple contact page layout will be created on pages that are titles “Contact” or “Contact Us.” The contact page layout will have a simple contact form and can include any of the following contact details: 

  • Phone 
  • Email
  • Address
  • Hours
  • Social Media  

Example Contact Page

Choosing a new contact layout

Contact layouts connected to customer provided information are available through 2023 Contact Layouts. If the assigned contact layout isn’t the best fit for the website, you can choose a different layout or use on of the prebuilt 2020 contact layouts if needed. 

2020 Contact Layouts

Next steps:

Builders need to review the contact page details in Modgi/Vendor Dashboard to make sure that all instructions are followed for that page. 

Builders will still need to design the page to match the rest of the site (adding background colors, matching the hero, adding appropriate imagery, etc.) 

Builders have discretion on how best to complete a contact page.  

  • If a section (phone number, address, etc.) needs updating, the builder can replace the existing module if needed. 
  • Add a map module if needed.
  • If additional details are requested the builder can redesign the contact page to meet the customer requests. 
  • If the customer requests more information in their contact form, build the form through Gravity Forms and insert on the page. 
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