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Business name is misspelled or spelled differently throughout site

  • The business name on the site needs to match the business name provided in the DCT.
  • Business name should be spelled consistently throughout the site
    • If there are conflicting versions of the business name in the DCT, please review:
      • Existing branding, such as
        • Logo
        • Existing site
        • Social media
      • Customer-provided page content
      • The Basics tab

Important notes:

  • In most cases the logo will feature the correct business name and should be considered the most accurate source.
  • If a logo is not provided, please refer to external resources such as the customers current site or social media.
  • If a current site or social media is not provided, refer to the spelling most frequently used in the DCT.
  • The Basics Tab should be used as the last option for confirmation before all other options have been reviewed.
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