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Synonymous with professionalism, the services theme communicates, safety, trust and structure.


Synonymous with professionalism, the corporate theme communicates, safety, trust and structure.

Corporate Playful

The Corporate Playful content style infuses fun, whims, and color into more standard Corporate layouts. Maintains a sense of readability and accessibility while still mixing popular design and art trends. 


The Organic content style has that “handmade” feel; designs include curved, soft shapes with layered graphics. 


The Vintage content style has symmetrical design and layout with decorative borders, elaborate typography, and intentional crafted details.  


The Playful content style is friendly, light-hearted design that’s approachable and fun with bright colors and loose, unstructured patterns, marks, and illustrations.  


The Elegant content style is considered and intentional. Less is more with minimal subtle color palettes and textures. 


The Boho content style uses warm earth tones, layered looks, and mixed patterns for a highly eclectic appearance.  


The Luxury content style is prestigious, luxurious, and sophisticated incorporating both dramatic and understated design elements. 


The Classic content style inspires a sense of timelessness and discipline that follows rules, is enduring, and tells a story or conveys a mood while maintaining a high standard.  


The Sporty content style has a sense of movement in the layouts; actively bolder in design to draw the eye around the design. Textural elements can be added to bring a sense of ‘grit’.  


The Bold content style creates a striking visual using bold type pairings, high-contrast colors, and strong imagery.  

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