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We enable it, and configure basic setup to set the site up for success when SEO diagnostics are run. The customer can further configures it by connecting it to their Google Search Console but this process must occur after switching the site over to the live domain.

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PWS offers the free version of Yoast with every build. The free version includes the following potential functionality: XML Sitemaps functionality, full control over site breadcrumbs, set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content, title and meta description templating for better branding and consistent snippets in the search results, open graph settings for facebook and twitter.


Use Yoast with every site build on every plan type.

Unlike a couple years ago, modern SEO is heavily reliant on focus keywords being repeated throughout the body consistently in a relevant manner rather than using meta tags of any kind.

If an SEO sheet is provided with content writing, use the title and meta description on the page in the content instead of separately adding it to Yoast. Yoast should grab it from the page automatically if its placed correctly.

Reference Yoast Setup Requirements below for details on proper setup.


Additional Setup Requirements: Connect Google Search Console (optional)

1. Yoast is automatically installed and activated with PWS Core for all sites
2. We cannot really enable Yoast to start crawling or indexing the site until its on the live domain
3. After going live, the customer can enable the checkbox for “search engine visibility” in their reading settings in the dashboard and run the Yoast wizard


SEO Impact – Stack Ranked

As builders, at the moment, we are only required to ensure Yoast is installed, active and that the basic SEO setup requirements are met (see below) on the page or custom images for their open graph settings. After the site is built, the customer can choose to index their site and submit the site to their Google Search Console, Bing and Yandex. Items that must be properly set up by the builder before the site’s first draft is complete and sent to QA are listed below.

Yoast Setup Requirements

Below are the comprehensive settings in Yoast that must be accounted for during the new build process. Click the link for a full list of SEO Best Practices to keep in mind when building a site or optimizing a site.


  • Page Names should always be lowercase and when multiple words, separated by a (-) hyphen
  • As content allows, try to have 2 to 3 links (not anchor links) to other internal pages within the site, as this increases user engagement and helps with authority


  • 30 to 60 characters
  • Structure should be as follows [Page Name] | [Keyword phrase with Company name]
  • Example: Website Builder | Create Your Own Website in Minutes GoDaddy
  • **Google will truncate Title Tags around 60 characters in length which detracts from its purpose

Meta Description:

  • 70 to 156 characters
  • The first 110 to 120 characters should be able to stand alone, starting with a call to action and include the Keyword phrase and Company name
  • It should match the content of the web page it represents and leverage the same key word phrase used in the Title.
  • **Google will truncate Meta Descriptions on mobile around 100-120 characters in length

H1 Tags:

Make sure there’s one H1 tag heading on every page that defines the page content

  • 40 to 60 characters
  • This should be the very first header tag on the page
  • This should stand out on the web page
  • There should only be one H1 Tag per page

Page Content:

  • The focus keyword should be repeated throughout the page as needed to show relevance to search engines
  • A featured image is chosen for the page even if it isn’t used on the page, and is added to the open graph tag areas for Facebook and Twitter so that a proper thumbnail is generated when the site is shared to these sites


  • The image file name should represent what the image is vs. random numbers
  • All images should have image alt text
  • Images have been resized for web to better favor load speeds
  • Through CSS you can specify which size to show on what device


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