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We will install, set up, and adjust the settings as requested by the customer.

Plugin Details

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Translate WordPress with GTranslate plugin uses Google Translate automatic translation service to translate wordpress site with Google power and make it multilingual. With 103 available languages your site will be available to more than 99% of internet users. Our paid versions are fully SEO compatible which will increase your international traffic and sales. This translate plugin is a budget multilingual WordPress solution which combines automatic and human translations to save money and is easy to implement.


When a customer requests the ability to switch between languages.

Use this plugin to quickly translate site text using googles translation AI. 


Additional Setup Requirements:

  1. Go to: Plugins > Add New > Search for GTranslate > Install
  2. Activate the extension.
  3. Go to: Settings > GTranslate
  4. Follow next steps for Configuration


Adjust the settings to fit the site build needs. Here is a brief description of the main settings to be adjusted. The Widget Preview will change as you make adjustments to the settings.

Widget look – Select the look of Language Switcher

Translate From – Select the default language of the website.

Flag Size – Select flag size 16px, 24px, 32px

Monochrome Flags – Adjusts the flag from color to black and white

Flag languages – Choose the languages the customer wants to offer. HINT: To reorder the languages simply drag and drop them in the list.

Color Options – Adjusts the colors of the widget. Be sure to make changes here before using CSS to make changes. 


Add shortcode
Place the shortcode [gtranslate] in an HTML module where you want the widget to display.


Application Installation Steps Configuration


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