Product Add-Ons

We enable and configure it as needed on WooCommerce sites based on requirements of the customer

Plugin Details


The Product Add-Ons extension allows you to add additional paid (or free!) options to your products using several field types including radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down fields, custom text inputs and more. This extension also works with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to add additional pricing with your options to the recurring subscription.


Use WooCommerce Product Add-Ons when a customer needs the ability to tweak an existing good by adding options/add-ons to it that won't affect its inventory.

For example: The site owner is a print shop and they’re hoping to sell 4’x4’ posters.
They want their customers to be able to:

  • Upload an image to be printed
  • Be able to add a customized message for the poster
  • Select which font is used
  • Location of text on the poster
  • Choose the type of paper to print on [may be best as a Variable option, read Limitations]
  • Accept Tips
  • Include an option for protective cardboard tubes

What Can It Do?

  • Add a custom message that can be used in a “thank you”, order instructions, inscription, etc.
  • Allow a user to set their own price
  • Upload a file with their purchase
  • Add supplementary items onto the product, i.e.: gift wrapping, add a frame for an image, etc.

What Are Its Limitations?

  • Add-ons are not inventory tracked by WooCommerce. Therefore, in the print shop example there would be no inventory/SKU information attached to the type of paper.
    • Why does that matter? Ever go to a restaurant and order something off the menu only to have them come back 5 minutes later and say “Sorry, we’re actually out of that”?
  • Add-on costs are ADDED/SUBTRACTED from the product’s base price. (not necessarily a limitation)
  • Add-ons cannot be exported through a CSV file (normal WooCommerce product import solution).
  • There is no conditional logic support. i.e.: “I want a hidden option for font style to appear after the user enters a custom message.”
  • Add-ons will not change the Product Image/Gallery


Additional Setup Requirements: n/a

Install using PWS Core if it’s installed.

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard (figure_1.jpg)
  2. Select “PWS Core” from the “Appearance” menu (figure_2.jpg)
  3. Select “Plugins” from the PWS Core page. (figure_3.jpg)
  4. Install “WooCommerce Product Add-Ons” from the available plugins. (figure_4.jpg)
  5. Ensure the plugin is active. (figure_5.jpg)

For legacy sites, you can download the plugin through the Vendor Package Builder and install it manually.


Single Product Configuration

  1. Open the desired product. (single_config_1.jpg)
  2. Scroll down to “Product data” (single_config_2.jpg)
  3. Select “Add-ons” (single_config_3.jpg)
  4. Press “Add Field” (single_config_4.jpg)
  5. Configure based upon desired function.
  6. If you wish to exclude the product from Global Add-ons, ensure “Exclude add-ons” is selected. (exclude_option.png)


Global Add-On Configuration

  1. From the “Products” menu on the dashboard select “Add-ons” (global_config_1.jpg)
  2. Configure based upon desired function. (globa_config_2.jpg)

Add-On Fields

  • Heading (heading.jpg)
  • Short/Long Text (long_text.png)
  • Upload (upload.png)
  • Multiple Choice – Drop Down/Radio/Images (Like Radio buttons with Images instead of text) (multiple_choice_radio.png)
  • Name Your Price (name_your_price.png)
  • Quantity (quantity.png)


Application Installation Steps Configuration


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