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No plugin required. We embed the code provided to us by the customer in an HTML module in the desired area on the site.

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Many IDX’s will provide you with an embed code. If provided, we can simply add this to a page on a site using an html module. We have no control over what this embed looks like, what listings or items come through, or what colors and sizes the items are.


This Real Estate option depends on IF the IDX you use provides the option to embed their MLS.

The customer will have provided us with their embed code before asking us to embed it. The customer’s MUST have an existing MLS and their listings platform MUST provide them with the option to embed. Do NOT proceed with this option if the customer doesn’t have an existing MLS, if their MLS doesn’t support embeds, if the customer wants to manually enter items via their WordPress site, or control the styling/appearance of items within the embed.


Additional Setup Requirements: (Embed Code Required) - What's an Iframe?

Use an HTML module to place the embed code provided by the customer on the site


Most of the time embeds like these use “iframes” and embedding them creates a window looking into a site that already exists somewhere else. We can change the size of the window, but we cant paint over the window to change the outlook of what lies on the other side.

Do what you can to make the iframe fit properly in its desired location: 

  • make it fill the width
  • give it a height that works well with the content inside
  • style the frame around it as best you can to mesh with the theme/site


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