IMPress for IDX Broker

Note: This plugin is not included in WDS Features as it is NOT a plugin we offer. However, this plugin is ONLY approved for customers upgrading to our WordPress Plans from GoCentral/W+M, who already use this feature on their GoCentral/W+M site, and wish to maintain the same functions.

Plugin Details


IMPress for IDX Broker is now the IMPress family of plugins all-in-one. IMPress Listings and IMPress Agents have been consolidated with this already powerful plugin.

Your IDX Broker-enabled account provides this plugin with access to your MLS data feed. The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin allows you to display that data on your WordPress site using widgets and shortcodes while seamlessly matching your brand.


ONLY available for GCOLS/W+M customers upgrading to WordPress who currently already use this feature.

Adds MLS integration functionality to IMPress. We will ONLY use this plugin for customers upgrading from GoCentral/W+M to WordPress who have an existing IDX Broker account. GoCentral/W+M Customers that use this feature already have their API key set up and just need to provide us with that. We will NOT be using this plugin for any new customers who don’t already use this function on their existing GoCentral/W+M plan.


Additional Setup Requirements: API key required

  1. Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > search for IMPress for IDX Broker > Install and Activate
  2. Go to: Dashboard > General Settings > Settings > Enter API Key > Save


Page Display

Use the shortcode [listings] or the included widget to place the featured listings on a page

    • For additional information on shortcode options, please visit the documentation.

Getting started with IDX Broker PDF

IDX Academy / Tutorials | IDX Broker Getting Started Guide – PDF

How to get started with IDX Broker:

IDX Broker with WordPress Sites: Full Tutorial


Application Installation Steps Configuration


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