We download, install and activate the plugin, then we enter the customer’s registration key to connect their MLS which they should have previously set up. We can then use shortcodes to place widgets for search on different pages. We are NOT required to set up anything in their actual Optima control panel – that’s for the customer to set up on their end, and when done correctly, the shortcodes we place on the site will render.

Plugin Details


The Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin from iHomefinder adds responsive IDX real estate search and MLS property listings to WordPress and provides seamless integration with idx via iHomefinder. Customer will need to pay for an iHomeFinder Optima monthly fee on top of our site build cost (billed through iHomeFinder). You can enter a registration code for an existing paid account that should be provided to you by the customer.


An iHomefinder account is required. Customer needs to have this set up / registered in order for it to work.

Use this plugin only if the Customer has an iHomefinder account or is willing to get one, if they have an existing MLS with listings or are willing to get one and they are sure this is the correct option for them. If the customer does not have an iHomeFinder account or doesn’t plan on setting one up, then they should probably consider a different listings plugin option.


Additional Setup Requirements: Registration key required for plugin to work

1. Download and install/activate the plugin – Or click “Add New” plugin > Search for the term “Optima Express” and select “Install Now”, then activate the plugin.
2. Go to dashboard > optima express > register > add the registration key provided by customer linked to their iHomeFinder account
3. Use the shortcode generator in the Optima Express menu to create layouts to embed (you can put those widgets/shortcodes on pages as requested, but if the account hasn’t been activated, they probably wont work)
4. Download and install/activate the Theme Customizations plugin. For more information on this Click Here
5. Add the following code to functions.php file of the Theme Customizations plugin.

// Dequeuing bootstrap from the BB theme due to conflict with Optima Express IDX Plugin
function remove_bb_bootstrap() {
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts','remove_bb_bootstrap',1000);


We can style the shortcode widgets to match the theme as best we can. If the customer does not have a registration key, or if they don’t have any listings, we can leave empty spots where the widgets would go and notate that we had nothing to style.

Locating & Entering Your Optima Express Registration Key

Using IDX Shortcode Selector in the WordPress Platform

Setting up your Featured Listings in the IDX Control Panel

Your Featured Listings are IDX listings where you or your brokerage office represent the seller, based on your MLS Agent code and/or Office code. Your active featured listings automatically display on your site within the Featured Listings IDX page provided with your account. They can also be displayed within listing gallery options such as sidebar widgets and gallery sliders. (click here to read more)

Results & Featured Page Customization

  • There are a number of settings that allow you to easily customize the appearance of search results on your website. These settings apply to search results as well as your Featured Listings page, Saved Search Pages and additional listings pages.
  • To customize your results, navigate to your Control Panel > Setup > Listing Settings > Results & Featured.
  • List or Grid View -Choose the default layout for your search & listings pages here. If you select the grid option, results will display in a responsive grid across your site. The maximum number or columns is four, but the grid will adjust to the size given for display — down to one column on mobile devices.

IDX Pages

When you install the Optima Express plugin, several links are generated than you can use to display IDX content on your site. These look like regular WordPress pages, but are dynamically generated. Visitors to your website can access these pages if you link to them on your site.

The IDX pages that are currently available are

  • Basic Search
  • Map Search (If included in your package)
  • Advanced Search
  • Property Organizer Login
  • Email Alerts Sign Up
  • Featured Listings
  • List of Saved Searches (toppicks)
  • Contact Form
  • Home Valuation Form
  • Supplemental Listings
  • Sold Featured Listings

You can access your IDX pages within your WordPress dashboard:
Dashboard > Optima Express > IDX Pages

How do I use my IDX Pages?

The most common way to used your IDX Pages is add links to your WordPress Menu.

You can add navigation links to your IDX pages by accessing Appearance > Customize within your WordPress dashboard. From there, access the Navigation section and under the Primary Menu option, choose Optima Express and save.

You can also copy/paste individual IDX page URL’s into your existing menu. To locate the IDX page URL’s for copying, navigate to: Optima Express > IDX Pages in your WordPress dashboard.

Editing the content of IDX Pages
Since the IDX pages are dynamically generated, you can not edit them like other WordPress pages. There are several options for adding search and listings to WordPress pages using shortcode.

Technical Notes
Since the IDX pages are dynamically generated, you can not edit them like other WordPress pages. There are several options for adding search and listings to WordPress pages using shortcode.

Optima Express and OmniPress: Quick Search Shortcode

  • Add search to any page using the Quick Search shortcode. Choose from three available layouts — the shortcode is responsive and will display the vertical layout on smaller screens.
  • The simplest way to add the shortcode to a page is by using the Shortcode Selector. You can also enter the shortcode manually in text edit mode: [optima_express_quick_search]
  • Allow property type selection by adding the showPropertyType=true parameter.
  • Modify the appearance using the style = parameter.


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