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We enable it, if customer chooses to display a notice for GDPR compliance during the send-up. We use the default script unless specified.

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Cookie Notice allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie law GDPR regulations. “GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states.” – csoonline


Use Cookie Notice for GDPR to inform users that a cookie is being placed to track data and will allow site visitors to accept or revoke their data being tracked.

Use this plugin on sites to enable the GDPR cookie notice if this feature is requested by the customer. Use the default cookie notice unless they provide us with a statement of their own. Style the notice to match the site’s aesthetic.


Additional Setup Requirements: Approved cookie message and info for privacy policy page

  1. Download the .zip file from vendor package builder if working on a V2 build, else ignore this step.
  2. Go to: PWS Core > Plugins > Cookie Notice > install
  3. Activate the extension.
  4. Go to: Settings > Cookie Notice
  5. Follow next steps for Configuration


  1. Cookie notice plugin is automatically added to all sites with PWS Core however, it is not installed or activated automatically
  2. If during the intake process, the customer chooses to enable the cookie notice, the builder will install and activate the plugin via the PWS Core interface
  3. The customer will have provided custom text for the cookie notice popup and for their privacy policy page for more information OR they will have agreed to using the generic placeholder text they can update later on
  4. In the plugin settings, adjust the message and the custom acceptance button text as needed
  5. If the customer has allowed to give the user the possibility to refuse cookies, we can enable that checkbox and adjust the custom button text – we can also embed code if the customer provides us with Analytics
  6. If the customer wants to provide a read more link to a privacy policy statement, we can enable that and link the page to it, then we can choose the cookie expiry term and style where it appears using discretion or per the customer’s request as needed

Setup Options

  • Message: Enter the messages in the textbox. HTML markup can be used to further customize the text.
  • Button Text: The text entered here will be displayed inside the button. HTML markup cannot be used.
  • More Info Link: When selected this option displays several sub-options that direct users to get more information on your Cookie policy. The Read More button text can be customized and users can be directed to a specific link by selecting “Custom Link” or a specific page by selecting “Page Link”. When “Page Link” is selected a drop-down box of all the site’s pages appear.
  • Link Target: This option specifies how the More Info Link is displayed when the button is clicked by a user. If _blank is selected, it opens the page in a new window or tab. If _self is selected, it takes you directly to the page.
  • Refuse Button: This option specifies what text to display in the button. When selected two other options appear. One option allows for the custom refuse usage text. This text-box does not html markup. The other option is a text-box for JavaScript code such for Google Analytics. This kind of code is called Non-functional cookies. These are cookies used to track user behavior on your site. If the refuse button is enabled, JavaScript code will need to be inserted into the text-box. This plugin will hold the JavaScript code until a user selects either “Ok” or “No”. If a user selects “No” the Javascript will not run. If the user selects “Ok” the Javascript code will run and the user will be tracked on the site. If a user selects “Read More” the JavaScript code will not run.
  • On Scroll: This option enables the acceptance of the cookies while the user scrolls. After user scrolls a defined number of pixels, the notice will be treated as accepted and the cookie notice bar will disappear.
  • Cookie Expiry: This option specifies how long a cookie should be stored for. When selected a drop-down menu with expiration times appear.
  • Script Placement: This option specifies where he Javascript code should be placed. If page loading time is a concern, scripts should be placed in the footer.
  • Deactivation: This option will remove all plugin data if the plugin is deactivated.
  • Position: This option specifies the location of the Cookie Notice, either at the top or the bottom. Note, if “On Scroll” is enabled the position will be fixed. The default position for the notice is the footer.
  • Animation: This option specifies how the Cookie Notice will appear: None, Fade, or Slide. The default is Fade.
  • Button Style: Button styles can be customized as either None, WordPress, or Bootstrap. The button style selected applies across all buttons on the Cookie Notice. Individual buttons are unable to have different styles.
  • Colors: This option allows color customization of both the text and the bar. The default for text is white and for the bar is black.



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