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We enable and configure it as needed on WooCommerce sites based on requirements of the customer

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Catalog Visibility Options is a WooCommerce extension that gives the shop owner control over when and to whom they want to show prices and allow purchases. It also allows the shop owner to remove e-commerce functionality altogether if they merely want to have an online catalog.


Use Catalog Visibility Options to convert a WooCommerce site from an e-commerce store into an online catalog by taking away e-commerce functionality such as add-to-cart buttons, the cart, and the checkout process.

At first it may seem counter-intuitive to take all of the e-commerce features out of our e-commerce platform but Woocommerce is actually a fantastic tool for building an online catalog. Woocommerce users can still leverage product templating, archiving, and categorization in order to quickly build their catalog. This is much faster than trying to build a catalog manually.  Also, if the shop owner decides they want to start selling online, they merely need to re-activate and configure the e-commerce features and they’re ready to sell.

Other Features and Uses

  • Hiding prices for guests, but showing them for logged in users. This can be useful for shop owners who want a wholesale catalog where the general public can see what they carry, but only approved wholesalers can see the pricing. This can be done on a global, category, or product level.
  • Disabling purchases for guests, but allowing them for logged in users. This feature is also useful for sites that sell only to wholesalers. This can be done on a global, category, or product level.
  • Replace the product price or “Add to Cart’ button with custom text. This is useful for customers who need a custom note or instruction instead of the ability to purchase the product, such as “Call for a Quote” or “Order by Phone”. This is a global setting.
  • Shown alternative content when prices are hidden. This can be useful when you want to display a custom message or login form automatically when a product price is hidden. This is a global setting.
  • Add a location filter to your site, so that different products are displayed based on the user’s country.


Additional Setup Requirements: n/a

Install using PWS Core if it’s installed.

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Select “PWS Core” from the “Appearance” menu
  3. Select “Plugins” from the PWS Core page
  4. Install “WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options” from the available plugins
  5. Ensure the plugin is active

For legacy sites, you can download the plugin through the Vendor Package Builder and install it manually.


Global Settings

For global settings that affect your entire site, go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Visibility Options.

From here you can Enable, Disable, or Enable for Logged in Users both price display and purchasing capability.  This is also the screen where you can add custom text for the Add to Cart button or replace the price with custom text. Additionally, you can add Alternate Content to display on disabled products.  This section can use shortcodes, which allows you to insert saved rows or Woocommerce functionality such as login and/or registration forms. You can also edit Location Filter Options from this screen, which will be covered more later. These settings are global and apply to the entire site.

Category Settings

For category settings that only affect a particular category, go to: Products > Categories.

From here you can add Role Restrictions when adding a new category, or you can click Edit on an existing category in order to edit it. If you are editing an existing category, scroll towards the bottom of the page and you should see the Catalog Visibility options. Any changes made in this section will only affect the category you’re editing.

Note: If product is assigned to multiple categories, the first category alphabetically will take precedence.

Product Settings

To edit product visibility on a single product, go to: Woocommerce > Products. From this screen you can either add a new product, or edit an existing product.

From the Edit Product screen scroll down to the Restrictions tab in the Product Data metabox.

From here you can edit the visibility options for this individual product. This includes the option to edit who can view the product, who can purchase the product, who can view the price of the product, and setup location filters for the product. Any changes made in this section will only affect the product you’re editing.

Note: If product is assigned to multiple categories, the first category alphabetically will take precedence.

Location Filter Settings

Location filters allow the store owner to display different products based on the user’s country or state. To configure Location Filters go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Visibility Options and scroll to the bottom of the page.

From here you can configure various location-specific options, such as whether to distinguish by country or by state/territory, use geo location to automatically assign location, allowing the user to change their location, and whether or not to clear the cart when the location is changed.

For a more detailed explanation of these options, please see the official documentation. These are global configuration options, but the actual geo location restrictions are handled on a per-category or per-product basis and have to be set up in the category or product settings described above.


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