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We download, install and activate the plugin. The customer should have filled out the bookly worksheet with the service, staff and respective fields for us to set up. We can then use shortcodes to place widgets for the form on a page.

Plugin Details


Please Note: Bookly Pro features are not supported. However, if a customer purchases Bookly Pro to get around content limits in the free version (such as the limit on Services and Staff members) we will configure and setup the same features that are supported in the free version. This means we can setup basic Bookly settings in Bookly Pro.

Simple & free bookings plugin where the customer chooses the date/time and submits their selection. Bookly Lite is a WordPress plugin that lets you automate booking and online scheduling of your services, save time and money, manage your appointments and client base – all in one place.

Disclaimer: Please note that email/SMS notifications, payments, custom fields and unlimited number of staff members & Google Calendar integration are NOT AVAILABLE in the lite versionYou must sign into the site to check for new appointments. There is a limited number of service providers (one). The customer can choose to upgrade to the full version of Bookly but if they want to accept payments they will still need a Woo platform.


Use Bookly Lite only when a customer wants to allow simple service bookings on their site, free of charge.

You can create a staff member of the company, define services and service categories, determine price and duration of the services, associate the services with a staff member, create a schedule, and add the booking form to the front of site.

If the customer is looking for an option to charge site visitors for booking a service, they should use WooCommerce Bookings instead. If the customer is looking to set up RSVP or bookings for events that are already announced and have a head-count/capacity limit, then they should use Event Tickets instead.


Additional Setup Requirements: n/a

1. Download and install/activate the plugin
2. Go to dashboard > Bookly > Settings > and adjust the appearance settings 
3. Use the shortcode [bookly-form] to place your form on a page


General Settings in Bookly

These are a few crucial company-wide settings that you’ll have to set up before publishing the booking form:

  • Settings > Business Hours – This will be the default working days and hours for all your staff (=> all appointments). Specify the hours for each team member in Staff Members > Schedule.
  • Settings > Payments > Currency – The price that you set up in Services has to be shown in a currency, and here’s where you set it.  (this does not affect Bookly Lite)
  • Settings > General > Time slot length – you can treat this as your standard block of time: the entire 24-h day will be divided into time slots with this length. All appointments will be scheduled as per these time slots.
    For example, if you set time slot length as 15 min, clients will be offered to book even one-hour-long appointments at 10.00 or 10.15 or 10.30, etc.
  • Settings > Purchase Code – Copy and paste here the purchase code that you got from CodeCanyon when buying the plugin. This will allow you to get updates of the plugin for free and, in case of any issues or difficulties, get customer service. (this does not affect Bookly Lite – only needed if customer has purchased the full version of Bookly which we don’t include/offer)
  • Settings > Company – Company name, logo, and address – to be included in emails.

How to customize appearance of the booking form

Services – Appointment Types

  • Services are the types of appointments customers will be able to book.
  • They can be provided by all staff or only by specific team members.
  • Group services into Categories, which customers will be able to choose from before they choose a service. For the plugin to function properly, each service must be included in a category, which means that you’ll need to create at least one (default) category and put all services in it.
  • Create and edit categories and services from your Bookly menu > Services.

Properties of Services:

  • Color (just to the right from the title) will color-code appointments of this service in the calendar in your Bookly menu. The color will not be shown to your clients at any point.
  • Visibility – use “public” by default. The “private” setting is for the times when you need to take down a previously active service.
  • Price will be shown to the client during booking for their review and confirmation of the booking. Setting the price here does not require that you set up online payment because you can give clients the option of offline payment, too.
  • Duration is the length of an appointment. You can set it from 5 minutes to 7 days*. As of v11.7, each time during booking, the length of the day can be divided into slots with the length of the selected service. Which means that there are no gaps left at the beginning/end of the day. Go to Bookly Settings > General > Time slot lengthto set a time interval for building a time slot.
    *Appointments longer than one day are available as of v13.2.
  • You can set the start and end times of the appointment for services with the duration of 1 day or longer. This time will be displayed in notifications to customers.
  • Padding time will determine a short time period around an appointment used for clean-up, preparation, or just rest. That time cannot be used for another booking.
  • Providers preference for ANY – allows you to define the rule of staff members auto assignment when ANY option is selected.
  • Providers will be your staff members that clients will be able to choose from as the person providing the service. A service has to be assigned to at least one provider in order to appear in the Service drop-down menu in the booking form.
  • Limit appointments per customer – allows you to set the limit of service bookings per customer.
  • Info is basically a field for you to write any kind of text in and then have it automatically used in notifications to clients, booking form wording, etc.

See this video tutorial to get a better understanding of how to create and Services and Categories in Bookly.

Staff – Team Members that Provide Services

  • Staff members in Bookly are your team members that work directly with your clients to provide the services.
  • The plugin cannot function without at least one default staff account created.
  • Your team members can have access to their individual calendars in Bookly via their WordPress accounts (see below).
  • Create and edit staff members in your Bookly menu > Staff Members.
Properties of Staff Members:
  • Full Name – visible to clients at the time of booking.
  • Services – choose all if they can provide all kinds of appointments, or link them to just a few. Override default service price for specific staff members.
  • Email, Phone, Info – add this info to booking form or client notifications.
    The email address will also be used for staff notifications.
  • Schedule & Days Off – by default, everybody has the same schedule as the whole company. Each staff member can have their individual working days, hours, and breaks, as well as holidays.

If you want to display a staff member photo in a booking form navigate to Appearance > Time tab in Bookly menu. Click on the underlined text and insert {staff_photo} shortcode.

This video will show you how to set up a list of staff members with the services they provide:


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