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We enable and configure it as needed on WooCommerce sites based on requirements of the customer

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This plugin is a free add on to WooCommerce Bookings plugin (paid) for bookings. Just like in Woo Bookings, site visitors must pay for bookings. They can create booking slots, optionally create fixed time slots when bookings are available, or let customers decide.

  • Adds a new “Accommodation” option to the WooCommerce Bookings extension
  • Adds check-in and check-out times
  • Allows the booking duration to be specified as “number of nights”
  • Adds an “override price” feature that automatically enables special rates (i.e., weekend or holiday rates)

The accommodations feature adds a new “Accommodation” option to the WooCommerce Bookings plugin with check-in and check-out times. This allows booking duration to be specified as “number of nights” and adds an “override price” feature that automatically enables special rates (i.e., weekend/holiday rates)


Use this add-on to Woo Bookings to include duration (check-in/checkout time) as part of the bookable slot.

Use WooCommerce Accommodations Bookings if the customer already has WooCommerce Bookings functionality and wishes to add the option for check-in/check-out times to their products. This add-on works well with sites that have set times for bookable products such as hotels, B&Bs or vacation homes


Additional Setup Requirements: Woo Bookings must be installed/active

1. Go to dashboard > PWS Core and install/activate the plugin
2. Then download the Accommodations free addon (you should find this in core as well)
3. Install/Activate the add-on in your WooCommerce store.
4. Add a new product with the “Accommodation” product type.
5. Set the booking price and check-in/check-out times.


Setting global check-in/check-out times

Site-wide check-in and check-out times are displayed to the user when booking and purchasing and reviewing past bookings.

  1. Go to: WordPress Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Accommodations
  2. Enter the check-in and check-out times.
  3. Save.

Creating an Accommodation product

The add-on follows the same setup as WooCommerce Bookings, except it gives you the option to use an Accommodation product.

  1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Products > Add New and add a new product using the Accommodation product type.
  2. Enter general settings, such as cancellation policy and max length of booking.
  3. Go to the Rates tab and set a standard room rate.
  4. Go to the Availability tab and set number of rooms and other info.*
  5. Save.

More information at WooCommerce Bookings documentation.


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