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GD cORe Update 3.1.1

We have a new update to GD cORe!

This Version includes many performance geared updates

New Features

  1. Added WP-Rocket config
  2. Enabled WebP in Smush
  3. Adds .htaccess config
  4. Created easier access when developing with cORe

Important note:

New builds with a fresh install of GD cORe can be installed like normal.

Existing builds or conversions from legacy sites, please follow these steps in order to update to the new version of GD cORe:

  1. Go to the WP Plugins page and update GD cORe
  2. On the GD cORe Plugins page update all existing plugins.
  3. Update the theme on the GD cORe Themes page
  4. Update all other Approved, non GD cORe plugins on the WP Plugins page
  5. Install and activate the Plugin WP Rocket
  6. Verify all the settings are enabled from the Website Optimization article including the Local WebP setting
  7. If the site has Sucuri Firewall, be sure to clear the cache. (Vendors should submit a technical clarification to have the cache cleared)
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