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Mobile Search Field – Design Tips

When designing the mobile search bar in Beaver Builder, it is important to ensure that the user experience is seamless and intuitive. A well-designed search…

Manually Creating Alt Tags

Alt Tag Automation Fail In some cases when Alt Tag Automation fails, you may need to manually add Alt Tags to images on your website….

Pre-Build – Copywriting and SEO Worksheet | Outlines

WP Dashboard – Core/Plugins | Outlines

WP Dashboard – Author display name | Outlines

WP Dashboard – Time Zone | Outlines

WP Dashboard – Forms | Outlines

Copywriter Runbook

TLDR What’s being automated Where to see within the vendor dashboard When a website has automation it will be visible within the Vendor Dashboard under…

Header Automation

What is new:  We will be launching new header automation that will automatically attach a header to the website pages. The header will include business…

WooBookings – How to Change Person Label Type

Follow the guide on how to setup different Persons in WooBookings. Edit Person Types Once you have setup WooBookings Person Types, you may need edit…

W+M Quick Facts and Limitations

Websites+Marketing is designed to be a simple and user-friendly tool to publish a website quickly. Many of its modules come pre-designed and require little customization…

GoDaddy Service Outage Status

GoDaddy Status is a useful tool to identify any major outages within GoDaddy services and sites. Expand each heading to view outages with related…

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